Not many people can say that one day they woke up and decided to change everything about their lives, but this is exactly what happened with the founder of this company. While spending almost a decade, working with renowned corporations and government institutions, Mr. Paris Chatzipares kept wondering if there are ways to make things more productive and less frustrating for everyone involved in the working environment. Science was the profound answer, but scientific knowledge needs to be translated into viable and understandable education.

Due to a major health issue, Paris has always been searching for the ways to create an “arsenal” of interpersonal skills in order to balance and even overcome this difficulty. He has spent half of his life developing a science-based framework for enhancing our communication and empathy skills, in order to make us socially vibrant and highly effective in every aspect of our lives.

After a lot of studying and careful planning, Paris left his former position, in order to create the business, you are currently reading about. But everything you read and see about this association, is not the product of one person, but the result of a working team of accomplished and really skilled people.


While every member of our trainers have a different expertise and set of skills, all of them share the same mindset for life. Every person is professionally accomplished and highly motivated to achieve personal and career excellence, while helping other people reach the same goal.

You cannot teach someone a principle, if you, yourself are not following it. Due to the difference of their character and performance style, our team is able to adapt and handle every challenge that lies ahead.

Paris Chatzipares


Adults Educator
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens​

Life and Business Coach
International Coach Federation

MSc Architect Engineer
National and Technical University of Athens

Gregory Grammenos


Education Volunteer Network

Science Editor

University of Patras​

Anthony Deligiannis

Freelance Associate

Intra-Corporate Programs Trainer​

MSc Naval Engineer
National and Technical University of Athens

Fotis Parisos

Freelance Associate

Business Consultant Manager

MSc Naval Engineer
National and Technical University of Athens

George Panagopoulos

Freelance Associate

Human Resources Consultant

University of Crete

Master of Business Administration
Athens University of Economics and Business

The power of lies within the team of its members.


Our members frequently engage in government organized events, in order to contribute to societal goals of philanthropic nature. Charisma Academy provides its voluntary services to a variety of people that are faced with unemployment and financial difficulties and through a supportive training course, our team prepares and provides these individuals with the necessary skills and techniques to change their professional and personal status.

Since 2020, Charisma also provides voluntarily lectures that focus around self-development and motivation, with the audiences of these lectures to vary in nature.

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